SAUKRATES - father time [DJ PC remix] (2010)

Be wild for the night with the Saukrates remix!
Thanks for any comment and stay tuned for more...

LITTLE INDIAN - one little indian [DJ PC remix] (2010)

the acapella version of the one little indian 12" released in 1995, was put over a Curtis Mayfield chop with a banging beat. Turn up the volume and bop your head to this!!!

PHIL DA AGONY feat. DILATED PEOPLES - analyze the operation [DJ PC remix] (2010)

The acapella, including the scratches by DJ BABU, where taken from the 2002 released original 12". This one is a soulful jazzy down beat remix, very mellow, enjoy it. Analyze the operation and post your opinion!! Thanks for your support

PETE ROCK & C.L. SMOOTH - back on da block [DJ PC remix] (2010)

And another remix...As usual was the acapella of the 12" flipped on a DJ PC instrumental. Don't forget to give some feedback!! Thanks

RAWCOTIKS - intoducing the raw [DJ PC remix] (2010)

The Rawcotiks "introducing the raw" acapella was put over a neck breaking beat produced by PC. Out came this boom bap remix. Enjoy....and pump it loud!!

VISIONARIES - blindsided [DJ PC remix] (2010)

I decided to do a remix version of 'blindsided' from the Pete Rock - collector item 12" of the year 2003. The Kozmonautz and LMNO from the Visionaries appeared on it. The scratches are performed by DJ Rhettmatic. Check this fly shit out and tell me what you're thinking of!! the way...feel free to share all the downloads you find on this blog. Thank YOU!! ...till soon

DE LÄB - trank vun der vernonft [DJ PC remix](2009)

My homies from DE LÄB (Hip Hop Crew from Luxembourg) asked me to do a remix of their hit single "trank vun der vernonft" from their first album. I did 3 remix versions of it, all in a different flavor. I chose the first remix which is a banging boom bap instrumental, powerful and full of anger. This version of the track appeared recently on their new remix ep. Check this one out!!

REDMAN - can't wait [DJ PC remix] (2009)

Check out my remix version of can't wait. Let's keep it massiv!!